Large Works

Working in abstract imagery influenced by classical expressionism, large (30”x30”x2”) pieces cited here are executed in the encaustic medium, i.e. hot liquid beeswax and resin. The work expands and contracts in part with restorative travel experiences and my focused discipline on an active studio practice. My paintings can and do often reflect nature, landscape and architecture in sync with my ever expanding interior emotions and imagination.
— Dianna Woolley

Medium Works

These pieces explore my love of nature, in particular rivers, oceans, lakes, etc. They reflect my overall attitude about painting, exercise, and life— there’s a bright side to everything, even though it has to occasionally be ferreted out!
— Dianna Woolley

Small Works

Work often influenced by water vistas – perhaps Nantucket, Maui, or the South Pacific. Vast and even small bodies of water intrigue, calm, and inspire me.
— Dianna Woolley

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