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Original paintings with a sense of place and discovery...

Dianna's paintings are rich with layers of texture and transparency. Her approach to painting presents an urban feel side by side with the beauty of nature. Color brings boldness and depth to the work — sophisticated paintings you can live with and continue to view afresh for years to come.

Dianna is a gifted artist skilled in the craft of realism, but whose heart and production lies in the abstract.
— Country Parson Magazine
Dianna Woolley has a wonderful ability to use color and design, giving her work a rich palette and rhythm.
— Robert foster, robert foster fine art, Nantucket, MA

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Moonlight Shimmer (SOLD)  — 30" x 30"

Creativity, connection, and color all
serve to enhance my freedom as an artist, a person, a spirit. Improbable? Not at all.
— Dianna Woolley
My work is based on personal observation gained through living authentically, enjoying literature, and experiencing travel. I believe through these segments of my experience, that I uniquely produce artwork with an effervescence and essence of its very own.
— Dianna Woolley