The body of work shown on this site is the result of my artistic curiosity and dedicated studio practice; built, nourished and renewed throughout my adult life by professional private tutoring and workshop participation. Influenced by 20th century abstract expressionism and post painterly abstractionists, my traditional paintings over the past two decades have purposefully morphed from realism into abstract imagery.

Principally painting in the mediums of encaustic and cold wax, my finished pieces are full of intense color and active, gestural mark making. As the editor of my own imagination and creative hand, I’m often pleased to learn that I’ve piqued a particular spiritual or travel image (other than my own) in the mind of a friend, colleague, or potential client.

Aside from an active home studio discipline, my desire to expand in mediums and technique has taken me to residencies in the last three years. — Octobers 2016 and ‘17 to the NISDA (Nantucket Island School of Design and Art), and in 2018 to the renowned Castle Hill Arts Center’s Edgewood Farm, Truro, MA.

My work has been exhibited in multiple solo, invitational and juried exhibits.