I want gallerists, curators and audiences to recognize my work for bold mark making and vibrant color statements; to confidently welcome my work into their visual spaces to revere and to share with others.

In the year 2000, I relocated from New York City and corporate business life to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Here through daily disciplined painting, study and productivity, I've established a visual painting identity in the marketplace that surrounds me. 

Educated primarily in realism — landscape, still life, portraiture — my work has purposefully morphed into abstract painting rich with layers of texture and translucency. A strong interest in bold color combinations and contrasts along with mark making and diverse mediums, lend depth, representation and innovation to a personal interpretation of mid-century expressionism. 

Traveling for the last three Junes to the East Coast of the US, I've participated in the Annual Conference for Professional Artists working specifically or partially with encaustic/hot wax medium. Exposure to the medium and the professional artists participating in the event continue to prod my efforts in the intuitive production of abstract work. Additionally, while on the East Coast of the US, I've pursued private reflection and singular artistic exploration on the Island of Nantucket — 2016 and 2017 in residency at the NISDA (Nantucket Island School of Design and Art). Weeks of dedicated painting (outside my own studio) each year serve to strengthen a long practice of personal reflection and innovation, while enabling me to encounter new mediums, studies, techniques and other talented artists in search of camaraderie and insight into their own art making.

As a painter, beyond the personal enrichment of creating, I desire to engage with others who also create as well as those who do not yet create, have always wanted to create or claim that they haven’t a creative bone in their bodies. My connections through art with clients, future clients or “just looking” clients are important steps for me in recognition of humanity’s vulnerability, curiosity, and complexity.  Whether one “likes, or relates to, or just can’t stand” a piece of artwork enables connection.


Artist Statement

Traveling frequently on a domestic and global basis, my mind's eye is challenged to remember the awe of places both familiar and new to me. Through the application of bold marks, transparent layers, textures, strong color combinations, and my own abstract expressionist style, I practice recalling nature's wonder —  the majesty of land, mountain and seascape. I am inspired, invigorated and humbled by the work and study of artists who were labeled abstract expressionists in the 20th Century.

Experiencing cultures beyond my daily scope, I'm reminded of life's global color wheel and its transforming abstraction of the common as well as the grand. Working with a chosen palette, I intuitively beckon the inner resonance of my travel experience to manifest itself on sketchbook, paper, or panel.