I haven't come this far.......


"I haven't come this far to only come this far."


Surfing through Pinterest images recently, I came upon the quote above.  It spoke volumes to me and maybe to you also.  

Viewing my life on a graph, I can clearly see the major percentage of my life now in my own rearview mirror, so to speak.  That is, a charted timeline for me has a long line representing my life's history, specifically my life as an artist, followed by a much shorter line representing what is yet to be.  I could feel sadness and defeat in holding my past up against a time limited opportunity for future activity.  Yet, I view the reality of the future short line as a gold ring to grasp, to treasure and to move with purpose into an even more concentrated and loving pursuit of my work as an artist.

Known by some as an unapologetic and undeniably self-promoting creator, I want a place in the public eye of creativity.  I want audiences to see my work, have opinions about it, love it, hate it, purchase it or not.  I want my work to waken others' curiosity, fervor, and action.  In examining my own "product" I see images of literary exploration, far reaching horizons, a heroine's blissfulness, an explorer's eye for discovery.  I see the darkness of a night, ocean or storm as well as the effervescence of garden, pond, or toddler's step.

Repeating, I haven't come this far to only come this far - you must see my work, let me share it with you, take it into your own space and time for enjoyment, contemplation, self-reflection.  What does my work awaken in you - something? nothing? everything?  I'd love to hear from you!

I'm easily reached at diannawoolley.com