"It's not going to happen unless you make it happen" - unknown author


Returning from a month's artist residency on Nantucket, I find the pleasant results of dozens of new pieces, complete, incomplete, mostly in a refinement of the work I continue to churn out with great abandon. You can begin to see these pieces on my website, or by catching my Instagram feed.

The time spent in a large studio facing a small meadow with a view toward the ocean, and an occasional deer drifting by sounds rather idyllic........and for me it definitely was inspirational to be working there each day in whatever way moved me. I experimented with collage, hot wax, drawing and cold wax. With warmup exercises short or long, with hiphop or show tunes blaring or in total silence. With a break for the local yoga studio practice thrown in several times a week. Yep, this residency didn't come with room and board nor did it deliver scones or sandwiches — just the room to explore to my heart's content. 

I met with new artist acquaintances, some of whom I had invited to visit the studio. In their visiting I was invited in turn to join a print making workshop by master printer Dan Welden from Long Island, NY, internationally known as a master printer of his own work and the implementation of others' ideas and projects as well. Dan invented a tool, and process trademarked under the name Solarplate, with an exposure box, etc. Fascinating man and gorgeous print work. The workshop was taking place at the AAN (Associated Artists of Nantucket) which is yet another extraordinary community of artists on the Island. 

Finally on the art scene, the gallery owner who has sold some of my work this year, visited and selected five pieces of the new work to keep for sale in his gallery. One of my granddaughters has two new pieces in her Nantucket bedroom and I sold two pieces of work on Instagram while I was there. 

I'm happy to be returning home today and look forward to being back in my space and home with an occasional visit from Westie Riley and certainly the comforts of my own home, bed, and wonderful spouse!  By the way said "wonderful spouse" did come to Nantucket the last week I was there along with our NY daughter and son-in-law, (I was lucky to stay in their beautiful Nantucket home for the month) so it wasn't all practice, practice, practice, but I did "make it happen"..........




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