Remembering - South America in Progress

COLORS OF BUENOS AIRES - 10" x 10" x 2" - Encaustic/Mixed Media

COLORS OF BUENOS AIRES - 10" x 10" x 2" - Encaustic/Mixed Media

In early March my husband and I had the privilege of cruising from Buenos Aires, Argentina, around Cape Horn, up the coast of Chile and finally touring Valparaiso and Santiago.  Just prior to the cruise I had attended a week's art workshop on Molokai with Nicholas Wilton, an esteemed artist from the San Francisco area, plus three weeks following on Maui enjoying just everything wonderful that Maui can be.  All of this is to say, that I was out of my art studio for a long time.

Returning to the studio I found more than enough to keep me busy and was totally surprised at how vulnerable I'd been to the sites, colors, surfaces, and history of the South America I was fortunate enough to visit.  Enthusiastically I took to covering seven panels with encaustic wax and mixed media. Impressions of travel filled the panels and I now have a small assortment of these pieces hanging in the beautiful TELANDER GALLERY, Walla Walla, WA, under the title of "Remembering - South America in Progress."

During the artist opening reception I had the pleasure of discussing my work and impressions with many people who attended.  Enjoying the colors and textures they still admitted to me that the "meaning" of the abstractions in front of them were not apparent.  I'll be discussing those impressions in the next few blog posts.  Hope you'll stay tuned.

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