Still Celebrating Happy New Year

Beginnings of something new...........acrylics on panel

My new year is off to a grand start with a mind-bending Nicholas Wilton artist workshop on Moloka'i  Nick is a masterful artist and educator skillfully imparting principles of color, design, value and texture to the dozen or so eager participants attending.  Our group was comprised of artists vastly experienced and day one students.  Nick managed work with us all as a group and to offer individual instruction at a person's level of understanding.  Abilities were stretched beyond what many felt possible and some felt perhaps not so possible.  I was enormously pleased with the outcome of my practice boards. I come away with renewed vigor for this year's coming artwork!  

Second in line to Moloka'i this happy new year is my old island favorite Maui. Steve and I have visited for decades and never tire of the relaxed welcoming aloha of this place.  New sunrises, sunsets, places to dine, sand to scrunch, new friends and artists, and a comfortable place to worship in Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, Lahaina.

The third portion of continuing the New Year celebration will be yet another amazing adventure beginning next week.  More on that later! 

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