Residency Update - Mind Clearing

What a mind clearing experience one gains from living without constant news and outside influences.....  I've learned a bit about my habits in general and habits regarding artwork specifically.  

I love working uninterrupted for long periods of time — and I've learned not TOO long is a good thing.  Frequent breaks, bathroom,  water or a little read, improve what's going on with the wax.  The FIRST half hour is great fun as is the LAST half hour when I'm pooped and decidedly disgusted with what's up on the panel.  Both those time periods often result in dramatic changes to a completed work.

Time to read a little art history, yesterday a bit about Jaspar Johns — living and one of contemporary history's first artists to use encaustic in a number of his works.  A lovely little video (Alice Sheridan's blogsite) with Helen Mirren at MoMA, speaking about her favorite artist, Vasily Kandinsky.

Total indulgence to view others' creative efforts and share their feelings about their own developing artwork and to view their amazing work! I've read and visited scores of artist blogposts  i.e. Susan Stover and websites Karen Nielsen Fried. Need a little mind clearing of your own - click on the links.  Thanks for reading.  

Dianna WoolleyComment