Travel and time away —

The Nantucket Island School for Art and Design folks have been wonderful with my cottage/work space arrangement and had my 5 box shipment of supplies already inside my space upon arrival. Two big work tables, extra lighting, and a heavy duty extension cord run from the laundry area after I blew the first fuse..........electric palette, wax skillet, fans, spotlights — I truly expected that fuse to go quickly and it did!  

Nantucket town, shopping, and wonderful harbor views are right outside my front door.  Photos, sketching, shopping, and of course, encaustic wax works have been keeping me plenty busy!  My focus is to experiment with encaustics on panels, flat boards, and paper.  I'll have to wait and see when or if the "results" turn out for viewing.  Curious about what the results will be? Me too......

Now leaving my new WiFi home, The Handlebar Cafe.............see you soon and thanks for all of the encouragement you've sent me regarding this three week Artist Residency on Nantucket!!!

Dianna WoolleyComment