Website - moving target?


Establishing and maintaining a website can be a challenging, invigorating, frustrating activity and with the New Year here I've been making adjustments to mine....perhaps even nitpicking or over-managing it. 

Having visited many artists' websites, I've often found them to be inspirational, motivational, exciting, and mainly visual.  I find the visual aspect very important and that's mostly what you'll find at mine.  Portfolio, artist statement and biographical info, but again, most importantly images.  The paintings are the message.  Color, image, technique - all artists hopefully have their own style, pleasing themselves first of all and second of all, pleasing at least some of their viewers.  Take a look - I hope you'll have an opinion if you do.......and no, it's not required that you pass that opinion on to me. 

Currently, as yet unphotographed, I have a new series on my worktables that may possibly be entitled - Exploration, The Explorers, The Navigators? Paths, Trails, Rivers undiscovered?...........yes, in preparation for a workshop coming up and an active holiday trip very soon, I've been reading a number of adventure and exploration novels - subliminally or not so, the heroes seem to be making their marks in the new work.

Dianna WoolleyComment