Hip Replacement Surgery - Too Much Time On One's Hands...............

So this is what happens when one is recovering from hip replacement surgery - too much time - not much to say...... 

Enjoy the prescription drugs - momentarily.....I'm pleased to say addiction doesn't seem to be my nature of choice.  Anything stronger than Extra Strength Tylenol makes me nauseous, headachy, and sluggish.  Going to bed at will any time of day is fun a few times but not so exciting on a regular basis.

Enjoy the attention - well, that's not a bad thing.  Beautiful cards, emails, flowers, magazines.  I seem to be managing this part of recovery quite well.  I have wonderful friends!!!

Enjoy the magazines - tear out the recipes, save the articles online, recyle.

Enjoy the books - books I'd never have bought for myself are turning out to be delightful - "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hossein, "Aimless Love" selected poems from Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson. Copious articles and reviews about Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, "Big Magic", "Learning to Walk in the Dark" by Barbara Brown Taylor - they're on my Audible library.  I'm plowing through the books:)

Enjoy the how to videos - how to spend more time in the studio (first I have to learn to negotiate the staircase - a few days off) how to turn off from all social media, how to market your artwork, how to put up a new website template, etc. - I decided to do the website thing today.

Enjoy Netflix - "Spy", "Philomena", "Love and Other Drugs" - trailers for "The Intern", Acorn TV, PBS-"Indian Summer" and endless other stuff that I've watched for 10 minutes and declared awful!

O.k., o.k, you get it.  It's two weeks tomorrow that the surgery took place, mending nicely, still using the walker, of course.  All praise for surgeon, hospital, nurses, caregiver, friends and family!!!!! But, yes, I'm a little bored and eager to get back upstairs in my studio. 

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