"Time is very important with art"......Ellsworth Kelly quote




Tonight viewing FB and a post from my friend/instructor/great encaustic painter, Jeff Juhlin, I found a great quote from the video Jeff posted from the abstract artist Ellsworth Kelly - "time is very important with art" - I so relate in my own way as an artist to that statement, although I can only speculate exactly what it means to EK.

As you might remember, my favorite word, connections - I believe when "we" create abstract pieces, we have those moments of inspiration, search, imagination, frustration, initial reward.........but the reflection of ourselves on our own work and reflection of others regarding work is not necessarily immediate - duh, obviously it's reflection - but really, time away from a piece is as important as time with a piece.

Often, I've sought to sell a piece of work and found no takers and then ultimately am so happy that piece still "lives" with me.  That is not to say that I don't want you clients to miss the experience of "living" with one of my pieces but I just remind you that the initial love of a piece hopefully grows as you reflect on the connection that empowered you to purchase it, the connection that allows the piece to become of a part of your life.  "Time is very important to art"............EK

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