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Large Works 

Working in abstract imagery influenced in part by my continuing study, curiosity and fondness of classical expressionism, this site reflects work executed on panels with molten beeswax, pigment, oils and resin. The work expands and contracts with personal explorative and restorative travel experiences and my focused discipline in studio practice. My paintings can and do often reflect nature, landscape and architecture in sync with my ever evolving interior emotions and imagination.

Medium Works

Being aware of the science and politics of climate change, I honor our global waterways and atmosphere today in ways far different from that of my young adult and childhood habits. Because of this awareness often my work takes on the colors and motion of rivers, oceans, lakes, ice caps, fog, smog, brilliant sunshine. I find the colors, geographical wandering and mystery of water and sky inspirational, as well as comfortable to live with; in spite of the gloom and shadow of global warning projections.

Small Works

My small works are often playful and reflective of a larger concept building inside of me. An idea that perhaps never reaches a scale of vast dimension but nonetheless influences my intuitive application, my resting place while the larger piece is germinating. Many have been influenced by closeup water vistas, shallowness, depth, mystery — perhaps Nantucket, Maui, the Atlantic or the South Pacific. Vast and even small bodies of water intrigue, calm, and inspire me.

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